Thanks for joining me! This site is still a work in progress but I hope you will enjoy the journey with me.

Featuring Art of Vonnie Snyder – until I can develop this site further please go to my Facebook page to see my latest paintings.

Heart Home Creativity is named for places I have lived where I have been able to reclaim my creativity, my sense of self and find peace in my spirit. I have found healing and joy in connecting with my creative side. This website is a spot where I can promote my art and other creative activities. It is also a Place of Positivity where you will find good news, fun ideas and joyful posts.

My Art
My paintings have a heart hidden in them to reflect the heart that I put into each one. I am happy to share my passion for nature and the world around me with you through my art. Playing with colour and lines makes me excited to see what will emerge on my canvases.

The myriad of Landscapes in the changing seasons inspires much of my work, however I also have done a number of pet portraits. I do accept commissions and would be happy to create your very own special project.
Contact me to view my art, discuss a commissioned piece or arrange a private Paint Party. Or better yet, let me help you find YOUR creativity!

Thank you for joining me. Stay tuned.



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